Brown Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Brown Quartz with Mirror Pieces

With a rich chocolate brown color and the dazzling sparkle and glisten of majestic mirror particles, create a unique look that will transform interiors. This is an exquisite contemporary option for walls and floors with kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. Your guests will be amazed at how the reflective pieces shimmer and glow to accentuate light and space.

Great for a range of projects

Homeowners and interior designers use them in a variety of home installation projects. Architects recommend brown quartz for commercial renovations. In hotel foyers, they depict class and sophistication and in nightclubs light bounces off the surface to provide a mesmerizing backdrop. As a result of its manufacturing process, this brown tile has a 97% quartz content.

High-Quality Brown Quartz Tiles

Quartz from tiles porcelain is of the very highest quality. They are made with more mirror particles and quartz per m2 than any other tile on the market. This premium engineered quartz tiles are strong, durable and incredibly hard wearing. They provide a low maintenance option. Also, with its highly polished surface, this tile is easy to clean. Through its engineering process quartz is a resin based tile and it’s entirely at your own risk if you choose this tile in high thermal conditions, including underfloor heating and even conservatories, such as near patio doors and in outdoor areas. A latex adhesive is not suitable for fixing quartz to underlying substrates and should be avoided.

sparkle brown quartz kitchen countertops